About Us

Explore the possibilities of
second hand clothing.

It may be more fashionable
than you expect...

Stylerecovery.com is the premier
online store to sell and buy designer fashion.

Our concept offers new dynamic to the high-end fashion industry. Our aim is to salvage beautiful, high-quality items by offering a place for members to sell the designer products they no longer wear. Other members can buy them directly from the seller and bring them back to life. This is a fast and simple means for fashion lovers to recycle luxury clothing and accessories.

Our website is a safe place for members to buy and sell the best brands at affordable prices. Every listing is reviewed and approved by us before it becomes available for purchase. This way we can guarantee the authenticity of every product, and members know they are secure with every sale or purchase.

With a successful website of over 60,000 active members in Europe, we are experienced in the internet fashion industry and recognized for our fresh approach to online buying and selling.