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Sell on Stylerecovery

How to create my profile?

Creating your profile is very simple. You simply need to follow these instructions:

1st step: Subscribe

  • Click on “Subscribe” and follow the form
  • Enter your email address
  • Choose a password
  • Accept

Your subscription is complete. You now have an account but your profile is empty.

2nd step: Create your own boutique.

  • Click on “my account>my information”
  • Enter the information required; some will be put on the site, others (private information such as your address, phone number…) will only be accessible by you.

Do I have to add a profile picture?

It is best to put your picture on your profile page. It allows it to be better referenced (profile pages and product pages). Profiles without photos are displayed only in the product space.
Additionally, these pictures are your fashionista "passport". They allow you to share your favorite looks with other site members.

How to post a product to Stylerecovery?

Where and how can I list a product for sale?

To post an item for sale you need to register, in advance, on the site. Once registered, to post your first product you must go to "My boutique" and click on "Submit an item ".

Do you accept all products? Every brand?

Stylerecovery is above all a selection of today’s products and brands. We change our selections based on trends and our best pieces. To be accepted, a product must be in line with aggregate supply given on the site. The refusal of a product from us, whatever the reason, therefore does not affect its value.

What products can’t I sell?

We do not accept deposits of uniforms (clothes provided by a staff sales brand) and prototypes (clothes not provided on the market). And for reasons of hygiene, we do not accept lingerie and swimwear worn already.

How can I judge the state of my product? (good/very good…)

You have the choice between 5 different states
  • Never worn/used: New product with no defects
  • Very good state: Very little worn, without defects
  • Good state: Occasionally worn, good aspect, little defects of usage
  • Correct: often worn with some defects mentioned in the products description
  • Vintage: old piece from a creator who marked his time.
Attention, it is very important to be precise about the status of your product. If you overvalue its state (for example, if you mention "very good" on your product and after sale, our sale quality control finds that his condition is worse than reported, the sale may be canceled or the price negotiated.)

Can I offer summer products in the winter and vice-versa?

Yes, you can propose the products you want, when you want. Note: selling off-season is often more difficult, the selection made by the moderation team will be more limited. If your product is selected, it will perhaps take a little more time to sell.

How can I best describe my product?

To optimize the current sale, it is best to give the maximum information about your product. You can, for example, include the following information:
  • If it comes with its protective cover (dustbag) or its original box
  • If you have a certificate of authenticity or a serial number on the product
  • Size: large or rather small
  • If it has some faults (small spot, traces of wear ...)
  • Its exact fiber content (listed on the care label), its color if it is not clear on the photos
  • How do I choose the price for my product?

    The price of a used product depends on its brand, its condition and also the year of purchase. It is usually between -40% and -75% of the price when new.
    When posting your product, you must offer a price and indicate, if possible, the purchase price (the price you paid when you buy your product) and its year of purchase.
    We remind you that the price of the product that appears on the site consists of the offer price and the commission of Stylerecovery.

    Why is the price of my product being negotiated?

    You suggested a product for sale and you received an email that asks you to lower your price?
    We could have chosen to apply the price desired by the seller without negotiation, but it seemed appropriate to share with you the value of a product used today to maximize your chances of selling. Indeed, we want each item, regarding its brand, its status, year of purchase, its color, its size, it’s buzz in the press ... to be proposed at the right price. Our team will then compare your price to their references and help you make the price of your item as attractive as possible for its potential buyers.

    How is the commission of Stylerecovery calculated?

    The commission of Stylerecovery is 20% .
    This commission is the cost generated by the sale of the product.

    How do I take pictures of my products?

    Some tips on taking good photos:

    • Place your product flat on a hanger or preferably on a plain and clear background (tile, white cloth)
    • Remember to shoot your product from all angles: front, back, top, bottom (sole of shoes for example), inside (for bags)
    • Take a picture of the product’s label. It would also help to photograph the certificate of authenticity or serial number if possible
    • Shoot close-up details that need to be put forward (an embroidery, a collar worked ...)
    • Remember to take pictures of small defects if your product has any (wear marks ...)
    • Finally, you can add a photo of your product worn if it allows to better appreciate its look or volume

    Only usable photos will be stored and therefore put online.

    Do I need to trim my photos?

    No. If needed, this stage is fully supported by the Stylerecovery. You just send us the photos you've taken.
    So once your product has been accepted by our moderation team, it takes 24 hours for your photos to be trimmed and for your product to be listed on the site.

    When and how will my product proposal be treated?

    When will my deposit slip be processed by Stylerecovery?

    You just posted an item for sale. Our moderation team checks the new posts filed within 24 hours. However due to the numerous amounts of deposits, it is possible that this period is sometimes slightly extended and we apologize.
    Be sure that we do our best to answer you as soon as possible.

    How do I best sell my childrens products?

    Children's products are naturally less expensive than those of adults. Therefore, to address this issue of price, we advise you to offer for sale in the category "Children”, lots from the same brand rather than a single product, and ideally the same size or very close size.

    My product is on sale

    Can I modify my product sheet while it is online?

    No, once validated, the product is no longer editable. If you want to complete it, you can add your comments below.
    After the posting of your listing, you will nevertheless still be able to download new photos (2 maximum) and lower the price of your item under the conditions provided for this purpose:
    1 / The option price reduction is available one week after the sale of your item.< br/> 2 / You can lower the price of your item online twice maximum.
    3 / You cannot lower the price of an item whose sale price is less than or equal to 50 €.
    4 / To be valid, the price drop should be greater than or equal to 10 €.
    5 / Each decline implies a decline of your price seller, and a readjustment of our margin.
    6 / Each price decrease will be notified at the top of the plug by the former selling price crossed out and the new price on the right: Old Price New Price.

    Can I add new pictures to my product sheet?

    Yes, you can add 2 extra pictures of each product. Simply go to "My Account / My items" and click on "Add Photo". These photos will be posted after cropping.

    Can I lower the price of my product?

    Yes, you can lower the price of your item at any time, after your listing has been posted for at least one week.

    What are comments used for? How do I answer?

    Comments are there to help exchange information about your article: the opportunity for potential buyers to ask questions, and give you feedback that you can respond.
    Attention: all private information is prohibited in the comments. So you cannot include your email or phone number. This information will either be blocked or deleted by our team.

    How often am I informed of comments received?

    Comments will be sent by e-mail daily.

    How do I manage my sales?

    Just check your e-mails. You will be informed of steps that will get your product: validated, online, reviews, sales ...
    You can also go to the tab "My deals, My leases, My exchanges" to see all photos of your products and their status (pending validation for sale ...)
    Once your product is sold, you can track the status of your payment on the same tab (scheduled for transfer, transfer in the ...)

    Can I sell my product directly to a buyer without going through the site?

    No, this is not allowed. We offer a service of intermediation between buyers and sellers. This service has a cost: the products are controlled, photos isolated, product pages highlighted ... The commission charged on each item sold enables us to afford it. To sell his product directly to a buyer with whom the site has put you in contact, will necessitate to return this service without observing the rules of use.

    My product is sold

    How do I know if my product has been sold?

    You are informed immediately of the sale of your product by e-mail that will tell you how to send us your article. If you do not receive an e-mail from Stylerecovery, remember to look in the tab "spam" in your email inbox, it is possible that e-mails from Stylerecovery were misclassified.

    When do I have to send my sold products to Stylerecovery?

    Once sold, your product must be shipped within 48 hours. We want to shorten the wait of the buyers as much as possible, so we ask you to not go beyond these time limits in order to best satisfy the person who expects this article. After 30 days, if we still have not approved the product in our office, we will cancel the transaction and refund the buyer. In addition, we remind you that items sent must be clean. If this is not the case, we will deduct the costs incurred in the amount of laundry to the amount for sale.

    How do I send my product?

    The shipment of goods sold does not cost you anything. Stylerecovery offers a prepaid voucher that allows you to send your item for free. Please note, the package must be properly closed and your item well protected. Stylerecovery will not be liable for any damage to your item during shipment to our offices.
    Sellers living abroad do not receive a prepaid shipping voucher. They must send their article under their charge.

    How to use the prepaid shipping voucher correctly?

    The prepaid shipping voucher is available on the e-mail announcing the sale of your product but also from your account on the site, in the "History" tab. Simply:
    • Print
    • stick the left part on your package
    • Manually add your name and mailing address in the shipper box
    Also retain the right part of the shipping voucher, it includes the number of parcels and will be proof of your deposit. Then go to the post office nearest you to deposit your package and stamp your proof of shipment. If you want to track the delivery of your package, you can visit the dedicated tool on the site of the post by clicking the following link: https://www.coliposte.net/

    I didn’t receive a prepaid shipping voucher

    The price of your item is less than 1500 €: it is a mistake. Thank you to contact Ugotawish so that we can send you a prepaid voucher as soon as possible.
    The price of your item is above 1500 €: our team will contact you after the sale of your item to select the shipping method best suited to its value.

    Quality Control

    Will my product be controlled?

    Yes, every product sold on this site will automatically be controlled by our team.

    What is the quality control?

    Quality control takes place in several stages:
    • All information entered in the data sheet will be read again and compared to the product. Thus, the dimensions of a bag will be checked, the color of an item, size, and of course its condition ...
    • The quality control team will then determine whether the product includes unreported defects, light stains, wear marks.
    • Finally, a verification of the authenticity of the product will be made.
    At the end of this control, our teams will report whether your article meets, partially complies, or does not comply with our requirements.

    What will happen when my product is compliant?

    When your product is found to comply with our quality control requirements, you will immediately receive an e-mail from us informing you. Your article will then be prepared and mailed to its buyer as soon as possible. Its expedition will trigger the payment of your item to be held either the 1st or 15th of the month according to the date of shipment.

    What if my product is found not in compliance?

    If your product is found non-compliant it’s that at least one or more element(s) do not correspond to the description in the product list.
    If, for example, a bag is mentioned as "very good" and that many signs of wear, scratches or stains are visible, it cannot be validated by the quality control team.
    A counterfeit product will also be declared non-compliant.
    In case of non-compliance of an article, Stylerecovery is forced to cancel the sale and refund the buyer. Nonconforming products will be returned at the seller's expense.

    What if my product is deemed partially compliant?

    A semi-controlled product means that a section is only partially compliant. This means that it is not quite the items displayed on our site, but it's still quality.
    Stylerecovery then gets in touch with the buyer to propose a price negotiation. Providing that both parties contacted, buyer and seller, accept the negotiation, the product is then shipped to the buyer, and a voucher in the amount of negotiation is sent.
    In the event that either party would not validate the proposal for negotiation, it would follow a cancellation of the purchased product (in the case of multiple orders), or of the order. The purchase will be fully refunded, either by purchase order or by bank transfer.

    What if my product is a fake?

    If your product is found non-compliant you will be informed immediately. If your product has been declared a "counterfeit", Stylerecovery will cancel the sale and refund the buyer. We will send you, at your expense, your article. To fight against counterfeiting, Stylerecovery reserves the right to remove the sellers profile who has posted one or more counterfeit items on the site.

    When will I be paid?

    Payment of your article will be triggered by the shipment of your product to the buyer. Payments are made on the 1st and 15th of each month and are credited to your account within 24 hours or 48 hours (depending on interbank delay)

    How will I be paid?

    You have the choice between payment by bank transfer or Paypal. If you want to change your bank details or PayPal, you can do so at any time on your account, by clicking on "About Me".

    Am I obligated to enter my bank details on the site?

    Yes, in order to make your payment, our team needs to know your bank account or Paypal. Please make sure to enter the information in your account in the tab "Information" without any error.

    Buying on Stylerecovery

    My purchase

    Can I buy directly from a seller?

    No! Stylerecovery offers intermediation services between a seller and a buyer. The products are the property of sellers but not all pass our quality control team to be subject to a compliance monitoring, conducted rigorously by a dedicated team. This feature of Stylerecovery guarantees, as a buyer, that you are receiving a product previously controlled and consistent with your purchase on the site.

    What if I have questions about a product?

    Before making your purchase, you can ask the question you want to the seller about a product. Thus, in the comments, you can freely discuss the product being sold, and receive all the answers you need.

    How to tell if the product I want to buy is not a counterfeit product?

    Stylerecovery selects the products that will be sold on the site. Thus, we ask vendors for information and evidence on the origin of their purchase. If in doubt about the authenticity of an item, we prefer to reject it and thus do not offer it for sale. Once the product is sold, it is received by the quality control team of Stylerecovery to be checked before sending to the buyer.

    Can I negotiate the sales price of an item?

    You can, by sending a message to the seller (in the comments), try to obtain a reduction in the price of the item for sale. If the seller accepts your proposal, he or she must implement the lower prices directly from their profile. In no case may lower prices only be made after payment, neither directly with Stylerecovery since we do not own the products sold on the site.


    When will I receive my order?

    Stylerecovery makes every effort to minimize delivery delays. It takes on average 10 days between the date of your order and receipt of your package. At any time, you can monitor your order from your profile by clicking "My Account" tab and then click the "History". It is however important to note that the date of receipt depends on the date the product will be sent to you by the seller. Therefore, Stylerecovery can not commit to a fixed delivery time. However, this delivery time will be a maximum of thirty (30) days from the date of the order.

    What if the delivery exceeds 30 days?

    For exceeding the 30 days, you have 7 days to cancel your order by sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to Stylerecovery. If Stylerecovery validates your cancellation request, then it will follow a full refund of your order or your non-receipt.

    What are the shipping costs?

    The shipping costs are expenses incurred by Stylerecovery for shipping the product to the purchaser. They are determined flat rate, regardless of the number of products ordered, except in cases of atypical products or orders, which the buyer would be duly informed at the time of order.


    What methods of payment?

    Stylerecovery offers to date, three types of payment:
    • Payment by Paypal
    • Payment by credit card
    Whatever the mode of payment selected, Stylerecovery will notify the recipient of the amounts paid by the buyer to the latter.

    What is the payment by Paypal?

    Payment by Paypal is a payment method that allows fast and secure payment for all users of this system to send and receive payments online without having to show a credit card number. To use the Paypal payment system, you must be registered on Paypal, you will be subject to the terms of use Paypal.

    At what amount do I pay three times at no cost?

    Will I get an invoice for my purchase?

    If you want to get the invoice with your purchase, you can print it from your account in the "History" tab. Simply click on the relevant order number, then click the "My Bill." The quality control of my order

    Will my product be controlled?

    Stylerecovery reviews all listings posted by sellers before they are available for purchase on the site.

    What is the quality control department?

    We verify that the product sold matches the description given on the items presented by the seller and searchable on the site.

    How do I know if my product is compliant or not?

    You will be informed by e-mail of the stages of your order.
    Our quality team makes every effort to control as soon as a post is made. However, depending on the amount of incoming listings, it may take longer.

    What happens if my product is controlled compliant?

    If the product you ordered is controlled correctly, you will then receive an e-mail stating the product is shipped to the address stated at the checkout. Your product is then carefully prepared, packaged and then shipped.
    You then just have a few days to wait before receiving your package!

    What if my product is controlled non-compliant?

    A product controlled non-compliant means that the quality team considered that the product did not correspond to the items presented by the seller on our site.

    What if my product is controlled almost compliant?

    A semi-controlled product line means that a section is only partially compliant. That is to say that it is not quite the described, but it's still quality. Stylerecovery then gets in contact with the Buyer in order to propose a negotiation price.

    What is a Voucher?

    A voucher is a credit evidenced by a code. This voucher is transferable and can only be used once. It is valid for six months and can only be used on the site of Stylerecovery. You can use it on your next order, by filling at the checkout, the code that was sent to you. My returns

    I just received my order and I do not like the product or it doesn’t suit me, can I return it?

    You do not want to keep the item you just bought?

    The returns are not possible for purchases between individuals; we suggest you put this item on sale in your account within a few clicks and at no cost.
    Indeed, Stylerecoery will not take commission on the resale by customers. Only a flat fee to cover the cost of shipping and packaging will be deducted from the sale of the article.
    Thus, for example, if you want to sell a Top Maje bought at $100 on the site, we propose to relist the same price, plus $15 additional fee corresponding to relisting.

    I bought a new product on the website, I want to return it

    To send us a new product (NEW mention must be made clear in the condition of the product purchased) you have a period of 7 days from receipt of order.
    To facilitate the return of these items, you simply log into your profile. Click on "My Account" then click the "History" tab, scroll down under "Useful Information" and download "the right of return for new products exclusively”. Follow the instructions and upon receipt of the returned package, we will promptly refund the relevant article.
    However, the costs of return on new items are charged to the Buyer. No refund of postage can be claimed at Stylerecovery.

    I have another question, who should I contact?

    You can get in touch with the Stylerecovery team via the following email address:contact@stylerecovery.com
    Our services will make every effort to respond promptly to all your questions.
    Stylerecovery community
    Registration, networking, sponsorship

    Why be part of the community?

    Being a member allows you to resell the clothes that are asleep at the back of your closet and your shopping mistakes, but also to find a lower price on the bag which you could not resist this year.
    Being part of the community of Stylerecover is also an opportunity to discuss and exchange tips with other "fashionistas."
    Stylerecovery is 100% fashion and offers many good deals.

    How to register?

    Click on "Register" fill in your e-mail, your name, your password, and you're done!
    To create your own profile page, go to "My Account / My Information 'you can add photos and say a few words on who you are and the brands you love!

    Should I post a photo or photos (s) on my profile?

    Your profile is your "passport" on the site, it is in your best interest for buying and selling to other members.
    Viewing your picture (s) is very appreciated by the community, they feel more confident when they can put a face to a name.
    In the "What I'm wearing today" you can add photos and share your three best looks with other site members.

    How to receive the Stylerecovery newsletter?

    When registering, you can check the words "I want to receive the Stylerecovery newsletter."
    If you have not done so, you simply go into the "My Account", "My Subscriptions" and check "I want to receive the Stylerecovery newsletter."
    This will allow you to be kept updated of developments on the site and the highlighted leading trends with second-hand products or new products on sale on Stylerecovery.

    What are the network demands? And what does that mean?

    Site members who like your profile can send you an invitation to join their network. The network is a list of 'favorite' friends with whom you will establish close ties and be informed in priority of their activity, and vice versa;
    By accepting, you will be informed every time they put an item on sale.
    However, members of your network will not have access to your data!
    Similarly, when you invite a member to join your network, he will automatically be informed of the items you put online to sell!

    I like an article, how do I let them know?

    You have the option on each product you like to click on "I love this!
    This in no obligation implies the purchase of course. Items that you like simply appear on your profile in "my favorite articles”.
    Define what your favorite items are; what brands you like, posting some pictures of your favorite styles enables you to complete your profile and "identity-mode" with other community members

    Can I provide personal information to other members or get in touch with them off site?

    For security reasons, it is not permitted to disclose personal information such as: telephone number, email address, postal address, etc.. on the site.
    In addition, all transactions and exchanges are done via the website, and not directly between buyers and sellers, allowing us to fulfill our role as an intermediary and in particular provide quality control of each item.

    How do I help refer Stylerecovery to my friends? What is sponsorship?

    You are registered on the site and therefore a member of the community. If you want to share this find with your friends, sponsoring is for you!
    The sponsorship is to publicize the site to people around you who are not yet listed on Stylerecovery.
    To do this, simply fill out the field with a dedicated e-mail for each of your prospective mentees, they will be automatically notified by e-mail and then choose whether to register on the site.
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