How It Works

Explore the possibilities of
second hand clothing.

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Stylerecovery.com is the premier
online store to sell and buy designer fashion.


Do you have high-end brands you no longer wear in your closet? We know how hard it is to sell your lightly worn items for the price they are worth. This is why we have made selling your designer clothing as easy as possible for you!

Before you begin selling, make sure you are registered with stylerecovery. It’s easy and free to sign up! Once registered, you are ready to post your items. Be sure to take good pictures so shoppers can see exactly what you’re selling. Please include a picture of the label, and any proof of authenticity that you have, like a certificate or serial number. Any damage to the product must be photographed and mentioned in the description.

Once your item is listed, shoppers can buy it directly from you. We take a percentage of the sale as commission for reviewing your listing, cropping your photos for product emphasis and giving it exposure on the site. If your listing is purchased, we will hold on to the payment until the buyer receives their item. Once received in the condition the item was listed, you will receive your payment. Now you can return to stylerecovery to fill the empty space in your closet!


Have you searched countless websites for discounted designer products but felt uneasy about their authenticity? At stylerecovery, you can shop without worries. Our sellers are fashion lovers just like you who own beautiful things that they just don’t use anymore. We only sell designer products in good condition and you can find them up to 80% off! We review and approve each product before it is available for purchase, so you can be sure that every item on the site is genuine. For your security, we hold on to your payment until you receive the product in the condition it was posted. We invite you to sign up today, it’s easy and free!

Why you will love Stylerecovery.com

We have created a community for people who share a love of fashion to save the designer products we all appreciate and give them a loving home. As a seller, you know that members understand the value of designer fashion so you can sell top brands for the price they are worth. Buyers know that we are a trusted website that reviews every listing to confirm authenticity and are aware that this is a safe place to find designer clothing at great prices. It’s easy and free to sign up, and we make buying and selling high-end designs easier than ever.